Biscaynes with Co-Encidentals: "Midnight in Montevideo"
[Co-Encidental 45 - Coen - 01]

Motifs: Wordless vocals Tremolo guitar Abundant echo Latin American theme
added: 2010-07-01
Chico O'Farrill and His Orchestra: "Malaguena"
[Clef EP-141-B (10,133)]

Motifs: Chanting Afro-Latin percussion/rhythm Latin American theme
added: 2020-08-02
Don Tosti and Orchestra: "Black Satin"
[Ballad 100-B]

Motifs: Vibraphone/Marimba Afro-Latin percussion/rhythm Overt Martin Denny influence Latin American theme
added: 2019-02-11
Oscar Pettiford: "Oscalypso"
[Bethlehem 45-11044 (45-B6473)]

Motifs: Flute Latin American theme West Indies/Voodoo theme
added: 2020-02-08