Al Simms Sextet: "Jungle Slave Dance"
[American International Records 45-501]

Motifs: Accordian Bird/Animal calls Afro-Latin percussion/rhythm Flute Jungle/Tropics/Island theme Unusual instrumentation Harp Overt Les Baxter influence
added: 2010-07-01
The Eddie Barron Orchestra - Vocal by Onnik Dinkjian: "Ahnoush Kharoon"
[Eee-Bee EB13 (MB-184)]

Motifs: Accordian Afro-Latin percussion/rhythm Middle Eastern/Indian theme
added: 2023-09-29
Eddie Wiggins Jazz Combo: "Manteca"
[Beam 7001]

Motifs: Accordian Chanting Afro-Latin percussion/rhythm
added: 2010-07-01
Eugene LaMarr and His Magic Accordian: "Desert Sands"
[Colpix CP 101 (HB 406)]

Motifs: Accordian Afro-Latin percussion/rhythm Exotic sound effects
added: 2018-10-20
Holly Kristen With Elmer Schalitz Orch.: "Lost World"
[Terel TE-5004 L8OW-3828]

Motifs: Accordian Wordless vocals Electronic instrumentation
added: 2018-10-14
Jimmie Knapp Trio: "Poinciana"
[Esta 45-291 (45-787)]

Motifs: Accordian Jungle/Tropics/Island theme
added: 2020-11-10
The Royals: "Surfing Lagoon"
[Vagabond VR 134-A]

Motifs: Accordian Afro-Latin percussion/rhythm Maritime/Castaway theme Exotic sound effects Tremolo guitar
added: 2019-03-02
The Three Suns: "Junga-Junga"
[RCA Victor 47-5082 (E2VW-7738)]

Motifs: Accordian Organ Afro-Latin percussion/rhythm Jungle/Tropics/Island theme
added: 2019-06-04
Tommy Burchard And His Cordovox: "Romero Sunset"
[Den Ric 4532-A]

Motifs: Accordian Organ Unusual instrumentation Tremolo guitar
added: 2011-03-14