The Dynasonics: "You Got It"
[Dynamic Records D-1014-A]

Motifs: Electric piano
added: 2018-03-31
Howlett Smith and the Harrell Sisters: "Slow Down, Girl"
[Tunesmith H-48 (HS-49 m)]

Motifs: Electric piano R&B vocal chorus
added: 2016-03-08
The Mixtures: "Chinese Checkers"
[Linda 113 (45-113-B)]

Motifs: Electric piano Overt Booker T & MGs influence
added: 2021-01-09
The Pat Holben Trio: "Monkey Jerk"
[Fortune F-321 (865 F-320 RK4M-6477)]

Motifs: Organ trio Dance number Electric piano
added: 2022-02-03