Al Sears All Stars: "Azores"
[King EP 271 (Vol. 2 - KEP-143)]

Motifs: Middle Eastern/Indian theme
added: 2020-09-09
Bailey's Nervous Kats featuring James Mills: "Cobra"
[Camelia 45-100-33-CB]

Motifs: Far Eastern theme Tremolo guitar
added: 2013-02-13
The Buddy De Franco Quartet with Herman McCoy's Swing Choir: "Star of Africa"
[Gene Norman ep 0-1 (GNP-EP-112)]

Motifs: Chanting Wordless vocals Afro-Latin percussion/rhythm Exotic sound effects African/Safari theme
added: 2017-03-21
Chico O'Farrill and His Orchestra: "Malaguena"
[Clef EP-141-B (10,133)]

Motifs: Chanting Afro-Latin percussion/rhythm Latin American theme
added: 2020-08-02
Clark Terry: "Swahili"
[EmArcy EP-6106A]

Motifs: African/Safari theme
added: 2013-05-05
Elmo Garcia and His Orchestra: "Island Love Chant"
[Bethlehem BEP 107]

Motifs: Chanting Afro-Latin percussion/rhythm Jungle/Tropics/Island theme
added: 2010-07-01
George Loa - Maui Loa (Little Brother): "Cosmic Climax (Polynesian Chant of Green Creation)"
[Green Power GP-103]

Motifs: Chanting Wordless vocals Afro-Latin percussion/rhythm Flute Narration Polynesian/Pacific theme
added: 2010-07-01
The Islanders: "Forbidden Island"
[Mayflower M-22]

Motifs: Organ Maritime/Castaway theme Exotic sound effects Tremolo guitar Cymbal roll/gong
added: 2010-10-20
Jean Kassapian and his Flute: "The Snake (For Belly Dancers)"
[Kassap 1 A (JK-001)]

Motifs: Afro-Latin percussion/rhythm Flute Middle Eastern/Indian theme
added: 2017-10-14
Jimmy Briggs with Willie Moore's Quintet: "Spanish Guitar"
[Beverly 45-754]

Motifs: Lyrics with exotic theme
added: 2014-03-28
Mike Baltch Quartet: "Delilah"
[Green Dent 1008]

Motifs: Cymbal roll/gong Middle Eastern/Indian theme
added: 2011-10-19
Moondog & Suzuko: "Recorded Soliloquy"
[SMC Pro-Arte EP-45-11-B]

Motifs: Flute Unusual instrumentation Exotic sound effects
added: 2014-12-06
Tommy Burchard And His Cordovox: "Romero Sunset"
[Den Ric 4532-A]

Motifs: Accordian Organ Unusual instrumentation Tremolo guitar
added: 2011-03-14
Yma Sumac: "Birds"
[Capitol 6F-1819]

Motifs: Unusual percussion Bird/Animal calls Flute Jungle/Tropics/Island theme Exotic sound effects
added: 2014-12-05