Curly Sanders and the Santones: "Walking Blues"
[Concept 45-CON-92]

Motifs: Walking motif/reference Abundant echo Slow tempo Whistling Sleeplessness motif/reference
added: 2015-09-07
Joe Gaston and the Crew: "Without You"
[Brass 162B]

Motifs: Twangy/Reverberant guitar Slow tempo Whistling
added: 2015-09-07
Stan with the Marauders: "Echo Valley"
[Thunder T119]

Motifs: Abundant echo Twangy/Reverberant guitar Wordless vocals/chorus Whistling Vibrato guitar effects Mountain/Valley motif/reference
added: 2015-09-09
Tom Scott with Whistlers: "38th Parallel"
[Columbia 4-40091 (ZSP 15476)]

Motifs: Slow tempo Whistling
added: 2023-03-17