Andrew Paul: "A Hearts Not a Toy"
[Event Records ER-45-101-A]

Motifs: Abundant echo Low fidelity
added: 2015-09-20
Bennie Hess: "Walking that Last Mile"
[Major MJ-1006-A]

Motifs: Abundant echo Jail/Prison motif/reference Death/Grave motif/reference Low fidelity
added: 2015-09-17
C. Leroy Pyle With The Sounds of Country: "You Don't Care"
[Country Sounds No. 1001 (SoN 22751)]

Motifs: Abundant echo Twangy/Reverberant guitar Low fidelity
added: 2023-06-18
The Three B's: "Twisting on the Moon"
[Cowtown No. 817 (6304231)]

Motifs: Abundant echo Steel/Slide guitar Moon/Stars motif/reference Low fidelity
added: 2019-01-30